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It’s been a very interesting weekend, so far.  There was the rain; there was the wreck; there was the rumor of Billy’s death; and there was the thunderstorm last night — and we’ve got a day to go.

When I went out last night, I snapped the latest daylilies . .

daylilymay23 2

I got the heavy crop of elderberries hanging from the old bush by the trash cans.  The birds are going to be happy this year.

elderberriesmay23 2

And I recorded the ominous clouds over the mountains.  Thunderheads up there seldom get to us, though.


This time, though, we got a pretty good light show later that night.  It was mostly cloud-to-cloud lightning, with thunder muttering far away, and just a sprinkling of rain.  It was a surprise to everyone.

And then there’s the rumor that Billy had passed away.  He’s been rather enjoying telling people that no, he’s not quite gone yet.  We don’t know how the rumor originated, but Facebook certainly spread it quickly.  Anyway, he’s just fine.  Like another famous person — was it Mark Twain? — the reports of his death have been much exaggerated.

I wonder what Monday will bring?


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