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Kitty and I went for a ride this morning — at least, I rode, she packed me, and the dogs went along.

One of the great things about Kitty is that you can just get on her and go for a ride, without any exercise in the round pen or other preliminaries.  She just goes along without any fuss.  I’m not sure she actually enjoys it, but at least her ears and her pace perk up once we’re out on the trail.

Now that the storms seem to be over, it’s warming up again.  The trees out on Panorama Vista are showing the stress.  I thought, for a moment, that there had actually been a fire here . . .

soloridemay25 4

. . . but no, it was just drought stress.  Going down this little trail, we came to the river.

soloridemay25 3

It didn’t look good.  Note the wood duck nest box on the island.  I don’t think it will host any baby ducks this year.  It’s hard to believe that a couple of months ago, the river looked like this . . .

feb5ride 8 edit

I think this is, if not the same spot, at least nearby.  It looks too different to tell for sure.

I stopped to snap the old pipe that used to carry oilfield waste water to the canal.  It’s been derelict for a long time now.


soloridemay25 2

A little farther on, a more cheerful sight.  The elderberries out here are loaded, too.  The birds and little critters are going to feast this year.

soloridemay25 5

It was nice to get out on the trail, and it wasn’t even too dusty.  When Marion gets back, we’ll have to do it together.


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