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It can’t be Bakersfield, that is.  Not unless it was February, at least.

In other words, we woke up to pouring rain this morning.

may22rain 2



As usual after any rain, there were wrecks all over Bakersfield.  No one seems to remember that the roads will be slick with oil when it hasn’t rained for a while.

There was a wreck here, in the usual place.  I’m not sure how many cars have come off there by the tunnel, but it’s been a lot.  Luckily, there didn’t seem to be serious injuries in this one.  The little car did apparently roll, but the driver was wearing her seat belt– always a good thing.  That curve is treacherous, and so many people underestimate it.


I got an unnerving phone call yesterday.  The upset caller wanted to know if it was true that Billy had passed away.  Since I had just gotten him into his pickup five minutes before, I was fairly sure he was fine.  Still, it was . . . yes, I guess unnerving is the best word.  Later that evening, we got another call about the same thing.  Since Billy answered that one himself, it was obvious he was still with us.  Apparently there was something posted on Facebook that gave the wrong impression.

I’m really, really glad it was the wrong impression!


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