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I was at the store today, waiting in the checkout line, when two ladies rushed through the front doors.  One said to the other, “Ooh!  It’s nice and warm in here!”

In Bakersfield.  At the end of May.

It ought to be in the eighties by now, easily.  At the time, it was in the low sixties.  It’s 69, right now, at four o’clock.

Well, I’m taking advantage of the cool, by doing a little more knitting.  I started this scarf a day or two ago, and it’s coming along quickly.  It’s a pattern called “Uber Zag-edged Scarf”, and it’s certainly zaggy.

uberzag 2

I took two pictures of it, the above with the iPhone and the one below with the Canon.  They saw it entirely differently.

uberzag 3

Even after I fiddled with it, the Canon saw much more blue than the iPhone.  The actual color is closer to the first photo, a vibrant heathered violet.  The second photo shows the heather effect much better, but misses the true color.


Oh, well, it’s a fun pattern to knit, and just right for this very purple yarn.  And it’s nice, if peculiar, to have a little more sittin’ and knittin’ weather.  After all, it might be a hundred degrees next week!


Posted May 21, 2015 by stablewoman in Needlework

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