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David and any crew he can round up have been busy building a new arena.  There are always conflicts between people who want to ride in the arena, and people who want to turn their horses out for exercise.  The trouble is that sometimes they just walk off and leave the horses in there, when others want to ride in it.  So Billy decided that a smaller arena, especially for turnouts, would be a good idea.

It’s coming right along.

newarenamay19 3

newarenamay19 1

Of course the Doggy Crew had to get in the picture.  Xena has the ball, Gena’s watching the ball, and Peaches is hoping for a chance at it.

newarenamay19 2

Sarah was riding Bella this morning, and decided to try her bareback for the first time.  Bella seemed quite comfortable with it.

sarahnbellamay19 2

Sarah was comfortable, too.  She says Bella’s plump little back is just like sitting on a cushion.

The new arena still needs a gate, some plumbing — it’ll have sprinklers — and a second rail, but it shouldn’t be long before it’s usable.  I hope everyone likes it!





Posted May 19, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Bella, Horses

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