No More Daylilies   Leave a comment

No daylilies, at least for now.  But I do have some other flowers.

First, though, a view of the storm coming in.


It was pretty much of a bust, at least here.  We got a lot of wind and dust, but a bare sprinkle of rain.  Just enough to make spots on my new car.  Mother Nature is a contrary old biddy.

On the other hand, she gives us flowers like those below.  My little cactus is throwing its heart and soul into flower production, as usual.

cactusflr 1edit

The reds are so intense tht they seem to overwhelm the camera, washing out the details in spots.

cactusflr 4edit

The first blooms on this prickly little cactus always show overtones of fuchsia on scarlet.  Later in the season they will be more orangey-red.

cactusflr 2 edit

The satiny sheen on the petals makes you think that the Old Biddy is trying to make up to the homely little cactus for its looks.

Today it’s cloudy and cool, especially in contrast to the nineties of last week.  Who knows what’s coming next?  Only Ma Nature!


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