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I just love to take pictures of daylilies, as anyone who has followed this blog for long knows.  They are just so photogenic.  Though, when I went out this morning and discovered four new blooms, I do wish I’d moved them to a spot with a better background.


Oh, well.  I also found that this miniature daylily had started blooming.  It’s colorful and frilly, like its bigger cousins, but the blooms are about half as large.

daylilymay6 2

It’s interesting to see how different they look, depending on whether their portraits are taken in sun . . .

daylilymay4 2

. . . or in shade.

daylilymay4 3

A shot taken in full sun does bring out the jewel-like water droplets.

daylilymay6 3

The squirrels got most of my daylilies last year.  Almost all of the survivors are peach or gold.  Now that the squirrel population has crashed, maybe it’s time to go to the nurseries and seek out some different colors!


Posted May 6, 2015 by stablewoman in Flowers

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