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We’re due for another great-granchild in a few months.  Granddaughter Christina is going to have a baby girl in September.

Now you would think that would be plenty of time to produce another baby blanket; but working on a nice warm blanket in the middle of a Bakersfield summer is not much fun.  All of that lovely yarn sitting in a big puddle on your lap . . . it hardly bears thinking about.

So I got busy and knitted up a nice garter stitch blanket while the weather is still bearable.  It’s only in the nineties, after all.

I think it turned out pretty well.

garterblankie 1

The back looks pretty good, too.  I actually like the way the colors blend more softly.

garterblankie 2

There are ten colors in this blankie, plus the border.  I have nearly twenty colors in this yarn; perhaps I can produce another blanket before September.  If it doesn’t get really hot too soon, that is!


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  1. What a beautiful and colorful baby blanket! I’ve never seen one like it. I’m sure Christina and baby will love it.

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