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At least it’s been a quiet weekend from my point of view.  Much of Saturday was spent watching the Kentucky Derby.  It was a good race, though not with the drama of last year’s running.  American Pharaoh is a handsome horse, but lacking the flash and charisma — and backstory — of California Chrome.

Today was mostly spent shopping.  So here are a couple of pictures that Marion took on our ride last week.  Maybe they’ll get me inspired to ride more this coming week.  And it’s going to be cooler!

Here we are meeting another rider on the trail.

marionapr28 1edit

And here, I am admiring the yellow blooms of a Palo Verde.  It’s beautiful, drought resistant, and thorny.

marionapr28 3edit

The Californian recently published an insert to the paper about the origins of Bakersfield, with reproductions of front pages through the years.  I was especially interested in the story about the deadly explosion that blew up an Oildale refinery in 1936, because I’ve heard Billy talk about it.  He doesn’t remember the blast itself — he would have been three — but the aftermath.  He says that many barrels of tar melted in the fire following the blast.  The pools of tar remained there for years.  When they softened in the summer heat, Billy and his friends would run through them to make themselves tar “shoes”, then stick their feet in the water and peel them off.  Kids must have been really tough in those days — and a lot less supervised.

It must have been some explosion.  There were four fatalities, including two ladies who were there for the grand re-opening that followed the conversion of the refinery for gasoline production.  According to the Californian, one two-ton chunk of metal shattered a telephone pole 150 yards away.

So — environmental disasters happened then as well as now.  The rescue crews had to fight their way through throngs of thrilled spectators.  That hasn’t changed, either.


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