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Much of yesterday was spent getting little Xena to the vet.  She had a foxtail.

When we rode Tuesday, she came back from swimming in the river shaking her head.  I hoped that she had just gotten water in her ear, but when she was still flattening one ear and shaking it the next day, I knew it was time for a visit to the vet.  I took her to North of the River vet hospital; they are very good.  When I caught her, that is.  When she sees the collar and leash come out, she knows Something Is Up and disappears.  She’s very good at disappearing.  I told her she could ride in the Prius, but it didn’t seem to make much impression.

Once in the car, she behaved beautifully, as she always does.  She behaved in the vet’s office, too, except for hiding behind my legs or crowding behind me on the bench.  But she did wiggle and squirm during the exam, so it was apparent she would have to be sedated.  I left her there — feeling like a traitor — to be picked up later that day.

When I did pick her up, she was quite her normal self, except for dragging me back to the car.  At least, as much as a 42 pound dog can drag a — heavier — woman.  They showed me the foxtails they had gotten out of her left ear, and they were ugly.  I’m glad I took her in.  She wasn’t.

I don’t think she’s forgiven me yet . . .



. . . but at least she’s wearing her ears nice and straight again.


I know All Will Be Forgiven when it’s time to chase the ball this evening.

Foxtails are a big problem with ranch dogs, and there are a lot of them this year.  We got just enough rain to allow the foxtail grass to head out, and little enough that they’ve dried out early.  I’ve got a nasty feeling that Peaches will be next.  The vets are going to be kept busy this year.

I wonder what the coyotes do?



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