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Marion, her friend Janie, and I went out through Panorama Vista today.  I hadn’t ridden for several days, so it was about time.  It was a good ride, though it was pretty hot — about 80 by mid-morning.

There’s no green grass at all now, but the trees along the river almost make up for it.

apr28ride4 edit


I can see cottonwood, willow, sycamore, grapevines, rushes, and much more in the picture above.  We have such a wealth of vegetation.

Here are Janie and Marion, looking at . . . something.  Janie’s beautiful black Canada persisted in looking at something behind him, though.  And there’s Kitty’s ear, as usual.  She’s such a good horse.  I’m lucky to have her.

apr28ride2 edit

We stopped to look at the new plantings on the south bank of the river.  They seem to be coming along nicely.

apr28ride1 edit

Marion also took several pictures.  I think her smartphone, newer than mine, takes better pictures.

marionapr28 2edit

The color is much truer.  I’m still thinking about updating, but haven’t yet!


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