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I’ve been off-line for a couple of days — a city truck driving down the levee caught our phone line and pulled it out.  It took us a while to realize what was the matter, but when we notified them, AT&T came right out and fixed us up.

We always have interesting things going one around here, and sometimes it’s in a good way.  There’s been a plein air painting festival going on around town, and a couple of the participants have shown up here.  After all, we’re picturesque!

Plein air painters, if you don’t know, are artists who work outdoors, directly from their subject.  They don’t use photographs; they just sit right down and paint.  I didn’t catch the gentleman who was here yesterday, but when Billy told me we had another painter, I hopped right in the car (the Beetle; the Prius doesn’t get driven through the dust) and went over to get some pictures.

The painter was a lady named Aimee Erickson, and she was very good.

painter2 edit

I especially liked the way she handled the reflections in the puddles.  (Too bad they weren’t rain puddles.)

painter1 edit

You can see how well-chosen the colors were.  I’d like to see her painting when it’s done.  They’ll have an awards ceremony Saturday, then on Sunday the 15 artists will have two hours to paint pictures which will then be auctioned off.  Sounds like fun!

I’ll bet this artist’s painting will be the most authentic.  It’s sure to have some Bakersfield dust adhered to it.






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  1. Great photos! I especially love the second shot with the lady painter looking into the camera. It’s so atmospheric. I think you shot a plein air photo of a plein air painting!

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