Time for the Farrier   Leave a comment

Jennifer the farrier was here yesterday, to shoe Kitty and trim the ponies.

Here she is, working on Bella while I hold her.  Billy in his pickup, Peaches, and Xena help by kibitzing.

trimnbella1 edit

Most horseshoers hate to work on ponies.  They either have to bend way over, or jack the foot up so high that the pony is uncomfortable and wiggles. Jennifer is very good and patient with them.

trimnbella2 edit

It’s nice that the old mulberry tree, that the squirrels nearly killed last year, has come back enough to provide shade again.  It’s like an old friend, recovered from a long illness.  The shade was pleasant, even at nine in the morning.  I had just washed my hair, but it was nice and dry before all was done!


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