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Peaches and Xena just love to chase tennis balls.  Xena gracefully catches them on the first hop, while Peaches bumbles along and sometimes gets one by pure luck.  More often it bounces off her little fuzzy head.

I had noticed her scrabbling with her front paws when she did get one, but hadn’t quite figured out what she was trying to do.  Yesterday I finally figured it out.  She was burying the ball.

digging 1edit

It’s pretty hard to bury something when your ears keep flopping in your eyes.  Xena looks a bit flummoxed.  She wants to chase the ball.  Peaches wants to keep it.

digging 2edit

She was pretty sure that if she could get it buried under this nice stick, I couldn’t find it to take it away.

digging 3edit

She was wrong.  I dug it out and threw it a few more times.  But I couldn’t help wondering if I shouldn’t give her a ball of her Very Own.


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