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. . . since Marion and I have been on a ride together.  Yesterday we finally made it out, and it was very enjoyable — except for poor Peaches.  We left her tied up at home, because her soft floppy ears are a magnet for foxtails.  She was not a happy camper.  The sight of her woeful face as we left almost made me relent — but not quite.

She did miss a lovely ride.  The sycamore trees, queens of the riverside, are in full leaf and glorious.

rideapr15 1

Marion took lots of pictures.  So did I.

apr15ride 3edit

The grass has all gone to seed and turned golden.  There were definitely lots of foxtails available.

rideapr15 4edit

Much of the river has gone dry, as the water is diverted upstream.

rideapr15 5edit

The pipe in the picture above once carried oil-field waste water to the river . . . or, if my memories are correct, this one was once suspended above the riverbed and carried it to the canal.  Times have changed!

rideapr15 14edit

We stopped to admire the palo verde trees in bloom.  The black spot at the top of the picture is a very large, very happy bumblebee.

rideapr15 11edit

We crossed at the weirs and headed back.  We were glad to see that there was still water at the beaver dam.  It’s too bad there’s still trash here and there, despite trash pick-up parties’ diligent efforts.

rideapr15 13edit

rideapr15 18edit

Here are Marion and EZ enjoying the view — at least, one of them is.

rideapr15 16edit

We captured one more sycamore on the way home.

rideapr15 21edit

We met about a dozen other riders.  That’s a lot for a Wednesday morning, but it was a perfect day — just cool enough, just breezy enough, just sunny enough.

It’s always nice to see other people enjoying Panorama Vista Preserve!


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