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Yes, yet another fire today — the third in recent weeks.  They seem to be getting closer together.

The news at noon reported a fire in the riverbed, but they said it was out.  It was a long way from out.

At that time it was pretty small . . .

fireapr14 1edit

But it grew fast.

fireapr14 2edit

Soon there was a respectable pillar of smoke.

fireapr14 3edit


Though not as big as it appears above.

fireapr14 4edit

It’s apparent we do have a firebug.  Sightings have been of a grown man, not a bunch of kids.  While he hasn’t done any great harm yet — though live trees are being lost along with dead brush — if this keeps up someone could get hurt.  We’re just grateful it’s been well to the west of the ranch, and the burns have been surrounded by dry sand which has kept them confined.  In fact, the firefighters have continued to let them largely burn out, which is only sensible.

I think I said before — it’s going to be a long summer.


Posted April 14, 2015 by stablewoman in Events

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