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I like old airplanes — I still remember when going to the airport and watching the planes was a Sunday afternoon treat — so when an old Ford Trimotor came to our airport, I wanted to get a look at it.

The Trimotor was one of the first passenger planes.  It was rather ungainly looking; its nickname was the Tin Goose.  But in its day it was top of the line.  And it was here to give people a glimpse into the world of eighty years ago.  For a fee, you could take a ride into the past.

I wasn’t enthusiastic enough to actually ride in the old bird, but I did want to see it.  When we heard its unmistakable drone over the house, I dashed out with the camera.  It was hardly a speck in the sky at that point.

trimotor 1edit

trimotor 2edit

Finally, it passed close enough for me to get a decent, if not great, shot of it.

trimotor 3edit

It’s a piece of living history, and I loved hearing its droning voice, so different from today’s sleek jets.  I think I’ve said before that I remember when everyone ran out to look when they heard a jet.  Now some of us run out to look at an old prop-driven aircraft.  I guess we’ve come full circle.

WordPress sent me to the new format for publishing today, and I can’t say I think much of it.  I can’t find my usual categories and tags, nor can I get the pictures full sized.  Maybe I’ll figure it out — or find my way back to the old format!

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