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Fire is the child of drought; and we’re going to have plenty of Daddy Drought’s fiery little kids running around this year.  There was another fire in the riverbed today, but this one was west of the Chester Avenue bridge.  It looked closer through the telephoto lens . . .

fireapr11 4edit

. . . but it really wasn’t that close.  Everyone went about their business, knowing it couldn’t come this way.  The direction of the wind was wrong.  By the way, that’s dust from a horse in the round pen in the foreground, not smoke!

fireapr11 6edit

Of course, Billy drove down to make sure.  His pickup is coming back in this shot.

fireapr11 5edit

It burned for quite a while, and the smoke was spectacular at times.

fireapr11 7edit

It’s all over now, unless smouldering embers break out again tonight.  The firefighters are good at catching those, though.

At least, every fire right now means less brush to burn later, in the real heat of the year.  And, given water, it will all grow back.  Of course, water is not as much of a given as it has been in past years.  Marion wrote yesterday that the water we’ve been enjoying upriver is pretty much cut off now.  It’s going to be a long year.


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