The Storm that Wasn’t   3 comments

First of all, here’s my new Prius . . . ta-da!

newprius edit

Isn’t it pretty?  I finally got up the nerve to take it out on the road today.  It drives very nicely; it’s a gentleman.  Or a lady.  I think we’re going to have fun.

In other news, all of the predictions were for a substantial storm yesterday; everything from a tenth to a half.

We got .05.

At least, we got some dramatic cloud formations.

apr7storm2 edit

apr7storm3 edit

I think this one looks like a dragon.  His snout is off to the right, and his eye right above the light pole.  Horns and wings spread off to the left . . .

apr7storm6 edit

Here’s some more of him.

apr7storm5 edit

The horses, as usual, were not impressed.

apr7storm7 edit

They all feel that hay is much more important than clouds.  They don’t know that those clouds, or the rains that ought to fall out of them, grow their hay.

Despite the drought, it looks like hay is going to be reasonable this year.  There’s just not a lot of demand for it, with grass in the mountains for the cattle the ranchers have left.  Next year — who knows?


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3 responses to “The Storm that Wasn’t

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  1. It’s bee-too-tiful!!!

  2. Oops. I meant bee-yoo-tiful. Blasted spell check.

  3. Yay! What a cool ride for a cool lady! Love it! Elizabeth

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