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It’s not often I skip two days in a row, unless there’s a crisis, but yesterday was very busy.

I bought a car.

I really, really needed one.  My faithful little ’01 Beetle was just getting past it.  The windows kept breaking down, the door handles were falling off, the door panels were disintegrating — not to mention the creases in the side from chasing the horse thieves.  (Another story.)  We kept putting off buying a new car since the Beetle ran perfectly well; but — well, it was getting embarrassing.  (Sorry, Blue Beetle.)

Sarah went looking for me.  I had told her I thought I wanted a Prius, because there are a few around and the people who have them seem very happy with them.  And I had seen one parked next to me at Barnes and Noble that I really liked.  Sarah went down to Bill Wright Toyota, and this is what she found.

prius edit

I liked the looks of it.  David, though, pointed out that there was a dealership that was much closer, and it would be more convenient for maintenance.  So we went there.

Now, I am the first one to tell people they should never buy a horse without riding it.  But I bought my car without driving it.  The cockpit was just a bit too intimidating.  So David drove me and the salesman around, while I observed closely.  It was a really nice car.  After a little dickering — I bought it.  Not the one we had tried; I liked the color of the one Sarah found.  The one we tried was silver; I’d never find it among all the other silver cars in the parking lot.  I wanted the above color, which is called Sea Glass.  There’s one one coming in from another dealer, and it will be here Tuesday.

After we went on the test drive, we went in and signed papers until a) my fingers were about ready to drop off, and b) David and I (and the salesman, no doubt) were starving to death.  We got to the dealer’s about ten, and it was after two before we got away.  It may have been a bit more complicated than usual, because very few of the blanks I was supposed to fill out fit my situation.  We got it done eventually, and I’ll pick up my car when it gets here next week.

Our salesman was a very nice, very junior gentleman called Art.  I suspect he got landed with us, because David and I, in our jeans and tees, did not look promising.  Just goes to show that no one should judge by appearances.  We liked Art and were glad we got him.  A high-pressure type might have scared me off.

So — I’m getting a new car.  Now all I have to do is learn how to drive it.


Posted April 4, 2015 by stablewoman in Events

2 responses to “I Did It

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  1. Yay, Congratulations Roberta. New cars are so nice and exciting too!
    Have a nice day.
    Ethan Jay

    Ethan Jay Dorrell
  2. Congratulations, Roberta! Rick’s mom got a Prius about 10 years ago. She loves it! It took her very little time to get used to the controls. Her Prius is burgundy. The Sea Glass color is beautiful. Well worth waiting a few extra days for it!

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