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Sweethearts in Bloom   Leave a comment

Our Cecile Brunner, otherwise known as the Sweetheart Rose, is in full bloom.

cecile6 edit

cecile7 edit

It’s a very old rose variety.  One bloomed in our yard more than fifty years ago, and it was an old rose then.

This climbing Cecile has survived being blown over in a windstorm, the big fire, drought, and dust.  It’s doing just fine.  Here, it’s grown through the holes in the patio shadecloth that were burned in the wildfire.  It used to form a canopy over half the patio, and birds loved to nest in it.  They knew they were absolutely safe; Cecile’s a thorny girl.  She’s on her way to providing refuge again.

cecile ip1edit

It’s beautiful up close.  It’s hard to believe the buds are the size of a finger tip.

cecile1 edit

It’s even lovely from the back.

cecile4 edit

Its only fault is that it hasn’t got much scent.  But then, who’s perfect?


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