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Our neighbors, the Hinds stables, held a used tack sale today.  Sarah spent a couple of days selecting and cleaning up a bunch of our excess saddles, bridles, bits, and so on, to take.  I went over there this morning to check it out.

They had a good turnout.  Horse people tend to accumulate tack, and welcome a chance to thin it out.  Or acquire more, depending.

tacksale1 edit

They held it at the old Sheriff’s Posse quonset hut, which is a beautiful spot for an event of this type.

tacksale2 edit

I looked long and hard at a couple of items, such as this Australian saddle, but managed to avoid temptation.

tacksale3 edit

Sarah had set up in the shade of an old cottonwood tree, and did quite well.  She had a lot of stuff — seventy years accumulation.

tacksale4 edit

Usually, there’s not a lot of stuff actually sold at an event of this type, but everyone has a good time visiting and gossiping anyway.  And it was a beautiful day; not to warm, not too cold.  Not a bad way to spend a spring morning!


Posted March 28, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Events

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