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A couple of days ago, I was out playing catch with the dogs when I noticed some interesting cloud formations.  Much to their chagrin, I darted inside to fetch my camera.

lenticular4 edit

I was particularly interested in one cloud.

lenticular5 edit

These were lenticular (lens-shaped) cloud formations, and ones like that above are often referred to as “flying saucers”

It had already begun to lose its shape by the time I got back with the camera, but you could still see why they might be taken for UFOs.  If you had a really lively imagination, that is.

lenticular1 edit

Sure enough, that very same cloud featured on the evening news, with comments like, “Yup, sure does look like a flying saucer, all right!”  Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t, but it makes an unusual picture, anyway.


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