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Golden Fields   Leave a comment

Yesterday, Marion and I set out to backtrack the route of the Fun Run yesterday.  We discovered how much the landscape can change in just a short time.

All the green fields had turned to gold.

mar23ride 1edit

mar23ride 3edit

We stopped to look at one of the old fig trees on the Preserve.  In a good year, it will set edible fruit.  In most years, it can’t set fruit at all.  This year, there is fruit, but it will be small, dry, and seedy.  People might not care for it, but the critters will.

The fig trees are not native, but left over from squatters’ gardens many years ago.  Squatters in those days didn’t take over abandoned homes and trash them, but build homes and gardens on fallow land — that happened to be owned by others.  In this case, the enormous Kern County Land Company apparently pretty much ignored the little farms dotting their land.  Those squatters included some of Billy’s relatives, backin the 20’s and 30’s..

mar23ride 6edit

The fields may not be as green, but the trees have leafed out as if to make up for it.  I liked the Picturesque Old Stump in this picture.

mar23ride 11edit

Up at the weirs, Peaches seems to be asking if the arrow means anything.  Yep, Peaches, we’ll follow it.

mar23ride 12edit

After your dip, that is.

mar23ride 13edit

It was a beautiful cool day, and we admired the clouds and water.

mar23ride 14edit

We abandoned the run route, and headed straight home.  Here, EZ seems to be asking why we’re stopping again.  Actually he was hoping for a carrot.

mar23ride 16edit

And here are Kitty’s ears once more, looking alertly down the trail.  She knows it’s the way home.


We were impressed by how clean the trail was, after all of the hubbub on Saturday.  We saw exactly one dropped water bottle, and no other trash at all.  (We should have picked it up, but getting down isn’t that easy any more.  Maybe next time.)  The organizers did a great job.  It was a chance for a lot of people to enjoy what is a relatively unknown public area, and hopefully to support it in the future.  It’s a great cause.


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