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It’s been a pretty quiet day around here, perhaps due to the cross-country run on the Preserve.  There have been lots of flyers and signs warning equestrians that they’re going to meet up with maybe 300 runners out there today.  That would be an interesting experience — in the Chinese sense.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it went.  There were lots of cars headed in that direction this morning.

Marion and I rode out there a couple of days ago.  As I saddled up, I stopped to wonder at the cowlicks on Kitty’s neck.  She’s got a lot of them.

kttysnck 2edit

I’ll bet she’s got some curly genes.  Her mane and tail are wavy, too.

Things are drying out fast on the Preserve now.  The grass is more gold than green.  There are a few lupines left, though.

lupinemar19 4edit

They are small, but a very pure blue, not shading to violet like many lupines.

lupinemar19 3edit

On the way back, we dropped down to the river, and rode along the bank.  It is lovely — but we did encounter a problem.  The dog pack from downriver has moved upriver, following the water.  Half a dozen dogs popped out of the bushes right ahead of us.  Peaches and Xena sensibly retreated, and stayed behind us as we passed.  They gave us a hard look, but turned and trotted ahead, while we climbed up out of their way.  A little farther on, though, their trail crossed ours again.  There appeared to be six or seven of them, but it was hard to tell in the brush.  I had heard that they had been joined by a pit bull, but it looked more like a white boxer to me.  There was some kind of shepherd, and a few smaller dogs.

They didn’t bother us, but a pack is always dangerous.  I have read of a couple of cases of people being killed by roaming packs.  I can’t help but think of the gentleman we meet now and then.  He hikes the river with his little dog.  Neither of them would have much chance if the pack decided they looked like easy prey, especially since they have been joined by larger dogs.

I don’t think today’s runners will have a problem, though.  That’s a much larger human pack.



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