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My friend and riding buddy, Marion, took some pictures as her plane came in from Texas.  Despite a cloudy day and a cloudy window, she got some good shots of the river.  That included our place.  Here’s one . . .

marionsview 3edit2

There’s the big island, dominating the picture.  Except it’s not actually an island now, since it’s surrounded only by sand.  Darker and lighter areas of sand look like ghostly water, but there is none.

The burned areas, from the big fire year before last and several smaller ones since, are plain to see.  Beneath a lonely green tree, you can see what appears to be a homeless camp.  I hope they’re careful with their fires.

The ranch is on the north bank, divided in two by Manor Street.  The western half is bounded by the levee; the eastern by the Roberts Lane extension.  It’s hard to see the eastern boundary, but it’s there.  Across the river is Rancho Rio, the other large boarding stable.

It’s interesting to look down on us like that, especially since neither Billy nor I has had the chance to do so in reality.  Thank you, Marion!  I just hope that there’ll be more green in the picture next year.


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  1. You should ask her to see how large she can blow up that picture and hang it in the living room. What a great photo!

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