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Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Here are some shamrocks — or a close approximation.

shamrocks 3

There seems to be some controversy about what a shamrock actually is.  I dug this out of the lawn, and it’s probably a sorrel; but it looks like a shamrock to me!

I made a mistake this St. Pat’s Day.  I had promised Billy corned beef and cabbage.  There are two cuts of corned beef commonly sold — flat and point.  Last year I got the wrong kind, and he didn’t like it as much.  It was too lean, and a bit dry.   When I got to the market, I couldn’t remember which one he liked.  So I went home, looked it up — it was the point, which is fattier — and planned to go back and get a nice fat piece.  I forgot.  When I got there today, there was nothing left except flat.  I’ll try a different store tomorrow, and see if someone has some point left.

I guess that most people do like point.  More fat means more flavor — and of course, it’s cheaper!


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