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There’s been a lot to watch in the skies lately.  It’s nice to enjoy changing clouds now, before summer sets in with its weeks of blank unchanging blue.  Or grayish-blue.

For now, there are colorful sunrises and sunsets.  Here’s yesterday morning.

mar14sunrise 2edit

These feathery clouds came along later in the day.  Most were plumes . . .

mar14clouds i3edit

. . . but this one looks like a bunny to me.  He has an eye, with an eyebrow, a buck tooth near the bottom, and long ears trailing off toward the top left.  At least I think so.

mar14clouds i4edit

There was a deep red sunset, too, but I missed it.  Still, today’s sunrise was pretty good, too.  These pictures were taken with the Canon instead of the iPhone; the colors are less garish and the trees are clearer.

mar15sunrise c1edit

mar15sunrise c2edit

It was a bit of a sad day yesterday.  We lost one of the old, old group that have lived together in the “geriatric pen” for years now.  He was a bay Arab, about 37 or 38; well over a hundred in human years.  His owner had already decided that when he could no longer get up, it was time for him to go.  Yesterday he just lay down and gave up.   He knew it was his time, and the vet eased him out of this world.  His buddy, the old Morgan mare in the pen, called for him all afternoon.  By this morning, though, she had reconciled herself to his absence.

It’s always hard to lose one, but he had a good long run. He had hardly a sick day in his life, until the very last.



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