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Beaver Dam   Leave a comment

Marion and I rode Friday, and we decided to go upriver and check out the beaver dam.  There are apparently two; the old one, which we visited, and a newer one upriver of that, which is the one which presently holds a lot of water.  We only checked out the old one this time.

Of course the dogs had to examine it closely.  Notice there is only a trickle of water, off to the right side of the picture.

bvrdam 1 edit

Here’s the obligatory show with Kitty’s ears in it.

bvrdam 3edit

And here’s Marion, a little later in the ride.  Still green out there . . .

bvrdam 5edit

. . . but not quite as green as earlier.

Tomorrow, we hope to trailer out to Rancheria Road with Sarah.  It ought to make for a fun ride . . . and I’ll be sure to take my cell phone!




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Spring Fever   Leave a comment

I took all three dogs down to the river this morning.  There’s no water, but there are weeds; and a kind of soft emerald grass that isn’t seen on the trail.  Peaches was much taken with it . . .

“Say, Xena, what is this stuff?  Gena seems to like it a lot.”

“It’s grass, Peaches; a special soft kind.”

springgrass 2edit

“Hmmm . . .”

springgrass 3edit

“Oh, boy!”

springgrass 4edit


springgrass 5edit

No, she didn’t squash quite all of it.  Some was left to be pretty . . . and for the rabbits.  Though they actually seem to prefer good alfalfa hay.  Like ours.

springgrass 6edit

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