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I was just getting ready to make a blog entry about our beautiful green ride yesterday, when the phone rang.  It was Sarah, to tell us that there had just been a wreck up on Manor, and a car had ended up off the road.  Billy questioned her closely, just to make sure the car hadn’t hit the fence, and then I went down to see just what had happened.

Yes, there was a car off the road, and no, it hadn’t hit the fence.  The man driving it, though, was very, very lucky.

wreckfeb28 2edit

Apparently he was rounding the curve in his cute little Eclipse when a tire blew out.  It was possible that he was going too fast, but it seems as if he had been speeding much, the car would have rolled instead of simply spinning out.  If he had rolled his little convertible, I can’t see how he would have survived.  I imagine that’s him, sitting there looking understandably shaken.

In a few minutes, a fire truck showed up . . .

wreckfeb28 3edit

Then an ambulance . . .

wreckfeb28 4edit

. . . which I hope wasn’t required.  The dogs had followed me down, and when a little Chihuahua held in a witness’s arms started shrieking (for no reason I could see) they wanted to go up and investigate.  I hurriedly called them back, and we headed for the house before they got into trouble.

It could have been a lot worse.

It has just started raining — hooray!

Here are just a few of the ride pictures.  I’ll post more tomorrow . . . probably.

Peaches coming back to see why Marion and I had stopped.

feb27ride 1 edit

Green, green, green.

feb27ride 2edit

feb27ride 6edit

feb27ride 5edit

A tree that a beaver had chomped . . .

feb27ride 4edit

A view of the beaver pond . . .

feb27ride 11edit

Looking downriver from the weirs.  Not much water visible, but lots of gone-to-seed cattails.

feb27ride 8edit

More tomorrow . . . probably!


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