Bathing Beauty   1 comment

Peaches, being a Golden Retriever, is a very good and enthusiastic swimmer.  When there’s not a chance to swim, she’ll settle for a dip in a horse trough.  Marion forwarded some photos that demonstrate this.  As usual, I provide the translation from the Golden.

“I’ll bet you horses didn’t know you had a spa in here!”

pchsintrough1 edit

“This is the life.  I can almost turn around!”

pchsintrough2 edit

“Well, I’d better get out.  It’s almost time for dinner, anyway, and I don’t want that Xena to beat me to it.”

pchsintrough3 edit

“Ungh!  Ungh!  This getting-out is a lot harder than it looks . . . ”

pchsintrough4 edit

She made it, eventually.  We’re still trying to get a shot of her getting in.  That’s even funnier.


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  1. My two Australian Shepherds dislike water very much, so it is very amazing to me to see your dog enjoying her dip.

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