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I hope all of these ride photos aren’t boring, but we’re determined to keep on making the most of the green.  Already, in these shots, there are changes.  A yellow-green cast to the grass shows that it is heading out already.  These are annual grasses, and they produce seed heads when they are at the end of their growth.  In a good year, it might not be for a while yet; in a really bad year, they might go to seed when they’re only a couple of inches tall.  This year was better than last, but that’s about all you can say for it.

But we’re enjoying it now.  Here’s a shot of the trail, without Kitty’s ears.  The scars and trails on the bluffs are easy to see, with the green pointing them up.

feb17ride trail1

Here’s one with Kitty’s ears.  I like it better.

feb17ride trail2

They’ve added benches beside the new signs.  I understand that they convert into tables, in case you should feel like a picnic.

feb17ride bench

We spotted what might have been a couple of scraps of white paper . . .

feb17ride egrets1

A little closer, and it proved to be a pair of egrets.  They flew ahead of us several times, but always landed together; so perhaps they were really a mated pair.

feb17ride egrets2

We found a few lupines along the “Lupine Trail”.  Here’s one.

feb17ride lupine

There were a few spots where the grass had not yet made seed heads.  Here’s one, beside an old, old willow.

feb17ride looknback

Marion took some pictures of Kitty and me and the dogs, and kindly forwarded them.

feb17ride menkitty 1

She got some pictures of Peaches doing what Peaches does best, too.  I’ll show those tomorrow.


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