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I’ll probably post about every ride until the grass goes dry . . . which may not be long.

Yesterday Marion and I crossed the river — well, the sand — and rode on the south bank.  We noticed the Panorama bluffs are green for the first time in a couple of years.

feb12ride 3 edit

Here’s another views, with EZ showing his noble profile in the foreground.

feb12ride 4 edit

When we got above the beaver pond, Peaches and Xena enjoyed a swim.  Which was a good thing — Xena earlier had enjoyed a good wallow in some sticky mud.  That’s very unusual for my fastidious little dog.

feb12ride 6 edit

Here’s Marion getting ready to take photos of her own, while EZ keeps an eye on a Suspicious Person in the bushes.  He was a passing walker.

feb12ride 9 edit

Kitty’s ears said that there was Something Over There.

feb12ride 1 edit

It was a happy pair of mallard ducks, looking for a good site for a nest.

feb12ride 7 edot

As we turned back, we spotted a lonely lupine hiding in the grass.

feb12ride 8 edit

We’re hoping it’ll be the first of many!



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