Mushrooms?   Leave a comment

Or toadstools?  Well, anyway, fungi.  I found this outcrop out in the riverbed, looking like a fairy village.

mushroom3 edit

Some were light colored . . .

mushroom1 edit

Some were darker . . .

mushroom2 edit

They looked quite edible, but I’m not about to touch them.  They’re certainly not the edible kind I learned to recognize long ago.  I’m not even sure I would know those well enough to take a chance on eating them; not any more.

Here’s a pretty shot, I thought.  Black birds — crows? — in silvery cottonwood branches.

birdsnbranches 2

They’re not as obvious as they were fluttering around, but if you look closely, you should see at least three.

It’s a beautiful day, but I have to go do a load of wash . . . sigh.




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