Kids on the Feed Truck   Leave a comment

Not the human kind of kid, though those do show up; the goaty kind.  Great-granddaughter Liliana’s baby goats just love to ride on the feed truck — as it’s moving.  Here, they’ve paused to give me a chance to get a picture.  This is how two people can feed almost three hundred horses in about an hour, morning and evening.

The kids are quite unmoved by corners or potholes; they’re busy eating.

kidsontruck2 edit

As the truck trundles up and down the rows of pens, the kids hurry to gobble up the choicest parts before they’re thrown to the horses.

kidsontruck3 edit

It’s clear that this is really good hay.  Our goats are quite discriminating — and completely uninterested in tin cans or rags.



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