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I always like to keep up with happenings on our neighbor, Panorama Vista Preserve, so I was glad that Marion and I could get out there on a ride yesterday.  It was a perfect day — even a little too hot.

feb5ride 4 edit

The grass is longer than it has been in years, but was beginning to show signs of stress.  We’re really hoping for rain.

feb5ride 3 edit

I was pleased to see the new restroom.  It is an attractive little building, and certainly an improvement over a Porta-Potty.

feb5ride 6 edit

I hadn’t seen the new informational signs, either.  They are a great addition.  You can see one in the background of the previous picture.  Here’s a closer view.

feb5ride 7 edit

On the way home, we dropped down to the river.  We couldn’t figure out why it seemed higher, until we spotted the new beaver dam.  It’s just to the right of this shot.

feb5ride 8 edit

I didn’t let Peaches come, because I thought the 85 degree heat might be too much for her in her winter coat.  Xena took a dip in her place.  It was interesting to see how carefully Peaches sniffed Xena over when we got back.  I think she could tell all the places her little buddy had been — and she hadn’t.

Maybe next time, Peaches.


Posted February 6, 2015 by stablewoman in Kern River, Riding

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