Orange Delight   1 comment

Billy’s much better, and back in his pickup making rounds . . . or at least round.  He’s still up to only one a day, instead of the five or six he used to make.  He’s doing so well that I have more time to be outside, watching the goings-on around the place.

Today I got out there just as friend-and-boarder Lori B. was giving her horses, Remy and Gambler, a couple of oranges.  Now I never knew horses would eat oranges; I would have thought the bitter pith would put them off.  But . . . well, just look.

“Oh, boy!  She’s got oranges!”

oranges edit

“Look, Remy!  I got her!”

orange2 edit

“My turn!  Let’s see what I can do . . . ”

orange3 edit

“Mmmmm . . . nice and messy!”

orange5 edit

They’ve had oranges before, and obviously know how to handle them; much like an apple.  But it is certainly messier!


Posted January 31, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Horses

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  1. Great pics and captions. So cute and funny! Lori’s horses are obviously quite cultivated.

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