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It’s a cold, (47 at 3 o’clock) dreary day.  A good day, in my opinion, for cuddling under a blanket, drinking tea, and reading a good book.  Others, though, are more intrepid.  These ladies, for example, who rode out this morning.


You may recognize some of them from yesterday’s post.  Tall and small, they are dedicated riders — and happy!

It’s been one of those days.  Billy, who’s been almost back to normal health, suddenly started having acute pain in his right knee.  He’s had gout before, and he was pretty sure he had it again, so he called the doctor and got an emergency appointment.  While we were getting him ready, a boarder knocked on the door.  The feral pack was back, chasing horses down by the tunnel.  Before anyone could get down there to chase them off, they were gone; disappearing into the river bottom.  They’re too small to do much harm, but what a nuisance.

Billy got to the doctor, who agreed it was probably gout, and gave him a prescription.  I ran to the pharmacy and got it right away.  It took a while to kick in, but it did, and he’s been dozing between phone calls.  One was from a boarder locked into the bathroom; the deadbolt had stuck.  She was freed before Scott could get there, and the deadbolt will be replaced.  Then another boarder came to the door.  There was a stick stuck under her car, and she couldn’t get it out.  Could someone come help?  Again, before the crew could do anything, someone got it out for her.  And that’s the way it’s gone all day.

Don’t get me wrong — we don’t mind helping out a bit, and it sure keeps life interesting.  We wouldn’t trade with anyone.  But it just goes to show that many of our calls for attention don’t come from the horses.  But it’s really nice to see how people help each other out around here.

It’s especially nice when you see such a happy group going out for a ride!


Posted January 19, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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