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I found a couple of little visitors on my doorstep this morning.  Well, actually three.


They wanted to use the restroom.  We have an outside restroom, but it’s pretty cold these gray mornings.  Great-grandchild Liliana and friend Makayla assured me they would keep an eye on their four-footed buddy.

They did, too.  They left the bathroom just as they found it — no baby goat deposits at all — and left with the little guy lady following along just like a dog.


The border collies, Xena and Gena, got that herding light in their eyes when they saw him.  They are too well trained to do anything, though.  And Peaches was just flummoxed.  She didn’t move a muscle until they were out of sight.


Later, everyone went for a ride.  (Pictures courtesy of friend Jennifer.)




The goat didn’t get to go, but they had a good time anyway!




Posted January 18, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Pets, Riding

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  1. Very cute !!

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