There’s a New Pony in Town . . .   1 comment

. . . and his name is Elvis.  It seems like a good name; something about the hair.


He belongs to boarder Jennifer . . . or Cheryl . . . or both.  I’ll have to ask them just how it works.  In any case, the little girls should have fun with him.

Bella wasn’t quite sure what to make of him.  He’s bigger than she is.


It’s too bad ponies have a reputation for being ornery.  Most of the time, the trouble is simply not having an adult to work with them.  They’re smart little critters, and soon figure out they can get away with a lot if their only handler is a little kid.  Kody, Bella, and Elvis are all big enough for an adult to get on, ride, and teach them manners.  In fact, Bella is taking a trip to Hanford right now. She went along to keep Aggie and Sarah company while Sarah’s friend Rebecca takes a lesson on Aggie.  Bella looked pretty funny in the big stock trailer.  All you could see was a pair of fuzzy twitching ears.

In the old days, we had a lot of ponies around.  One large pen was reserved for them to run together.  It was called, reasonably enough, the Pony Pen.  (Fencing for ponies has to be lower to the ground than that for horses, lest the little cusses wiggle under or roll out.)  Now we have only a few small enough to need special fencing.  It looks like Elvis, though, is big enough for a regular pen.  There are several options, so we’ll see where he ends up.


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  1. Roberta, the artist who painted Peaches and Honey would like to send you a few cards. i will need your mailing address and also your last name.I will leave my email address below. ( I tried earlier but don’t know I’d it went through).

    Margaret Kevorkian

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