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That was the prediction.  Possible scattered light showers, to be exact.  This morning, we woke up to this.

jan11rain 1edit

It had rained from about midnight on into the morning hours.  It wasn’t a cloudburst, but a steady soaking rain that was just what we needed.

jan11rain 3edit

This afternoon, the dogs and I walked down to the river to see what we could see.

jan11rain 5edit

The water had mostly soaked in, but it was plain to see where it had been.

jan11rain 8edit

There was a little left, and Peaches of course took the opportunity to wade in it.

jan11rain 6edit

I missed the part where she decided wading was not enough — wallowing was much more fun.

There are a lot of wet pens, and puddles everywhere.  Already the process of drainage has begun.  It’s worth it.  There will be a lot of oat hay this summer, which will bring down the price of the alfalfa we use. (Oat hay is mostly a dryland crop, dependent on rain rather than irrigation.  More rain = more oat hay.)

And besides, I might get a ride in the wildflowers this spring!


Posted January 11, 2015 by stablewoman in Weather

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