Riding Again!   2 comments

I made it out for a ride at last.  It was the first time in about three months; the first time I felt it was safe to leave Billy on his own for a while.

Peaches was overjoyed.  Kitty — not so much, though she enjoyed her apple pieces. Peaches, Xena, and Andrew’s pup Dexter came with Marion, Janie, and I, and it was a lovely ride.  Or run, in the case of the dogs.


There were some changes out on the Preserve.  Here are Marion and EZ, by one of the handsome new trail markers.


Here are Janie and Cody, on the trail.  The Headless Horseman is very popular right now; well, here is Cody, the Headless Horse.


Of course, he was actually just looking the other way.

The ground was still a little moist out there, but the vegetation was beginning to show stress.  It’s been a while since the last rain, and there’s none in sight.  Still, there continue to be predictions for a wet last half of January, and we’re hopeful.  It would sure be nice to ride in a sea of spring wildflowers . . . some day.


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2 responses to “Riding Again!

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  1. I rode just the tiniest bit on New Years Day (hubby had my kiddos distracted)…now we’re in a cold crunch and my saddle is getting dusty again 😦 At least I can watch your adventures!

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