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The first day of 2015 has been a cold one.  We knew that there was a cold snap coming, and the crew was kept busy draining pipes, checking antifreeze, and turning on trickles of water all over the ranch.  I even had a bit running in the bathtub — just in case.

The prediction was for anywhere from 21 to 27 overnight, but I don’t think it got that cold.  There was ice in the puddles from Tuesday’s rain, though.  Some of it was a fragile as crystal . . .


. . . and some was more like window glass.


It collected everywhere there was water running.  Some ended up on dead weeds, some on green and living leaves.



It was cold yesterday, too, and cloudy with it.  That didn’t keep Sarah and Rebecca from working Aggie and Bella.


I’m not sure working was the word, though, at least at this point.  They look more chilly than ambitious.  But just standing on a loose rein is good training, too.  Too many horses won’t stand without fidgeting and making life unpleasant for the rider.  You can see that’s not a problem with Aggie and Bella.  In fact, I’m not sure that Bella’s not asleep.  Quite a change from the nervous little pony she used to be.

It’s supposed to be cold again tonight.  Last night I slept in my recliner, to be in the living room with Billy.  That way, a) I’m handy if he needs me, and b) it stays warmer out there!  The dogs weren’t happy that they couldn’t sleep with me, but consoled themselves by taking turns sleeping on my heavy jacket I accidentally left on the floor.  It’s a little whiffy this morning . . .



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  1. Great pictures, Roberta!!!!! They need to be in a magazine and as always I love seeing long lanky and gorgeous Sarah on Bella the cutest pony…but we need to check in on Kody…just sayin…Happy 2015 and best wishes for you and Billy and the whole gang! i bet Weston is the cutest bundled up baby in Bakersfield!!! Love, Elizabeth

  2. PS…whats on their tails? You may need to email me that answer! E

    • Those are tail bags. They are to protect the tails, keep them clean, and help them grow longer. Sarah thought Bella ought to have one, like Aggie’s. We’ll see if she gets a longer, prettier tail — it’s already pretty nice!

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