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. . . is a little snow icon on a Bakersfield weather forecast.  That’s what I saw when I checked the temperature on my iPhone first thing this morning.  I blinked, and looked at the Weather Underground forecast — same thing.  Then we listened to the weather on the morning news, and sure enough, Channel 23 was predicting a very slight chance of snow on the valley floor on Wednesday.  I’m not holding my breath — they’ve already taken the prediction off the internet sites — but wouldn’t that be great?

It’s cold, anyhow, and didn’t warm up much until this afternoon.  Inside, though, the African violets are blooming happily.  Marion gave me these, in a lovely shade of lavender.  They have a subtle glitter effect, which is hard to capture in a photo.


I don’t remember where I got this one, but it’s pretty amazing.


I love those chartreuse frills.


Every supermarket used to have a little display of African violets.  These days they seem to run more to orchids — many obviously dyed.  I like the violets better.

Scott brought us a container of white beans cooked with the last of the Christmas ham.  They were delicious.  I’m thinking of cooking up a big pot of vegetable soup to share with his family.  On these chilly days, a pot of homemade soup or beans really hits the spot!


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