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We’ve had our first frosts the last couple of days, and we were glad to see them.  Many of the local crops need a good frost, and we are glad to see the last of the flies.  At least, not counting the ones that made it into the house.  When you see them lurking around outside, waiting for someone to open a door, you get to thinking that they’re a lot smarter than they’re supposed to be.

The frost on the weeds makes a nice picture — rather like tiny Christmas trees.


They’re just a little too late for Christmas, though.

I got a nice after-Christmas present today.  Billy made it out to his pickup, all by himself, and for the first time in months made his rounds of the ranch.  He was out for a couple of hours, and enjoyed himself immensely.  The only change is that he uses a walker to get back and forth.  Neither of us wants to take any chance that he might fall.

It was a beautiful day to be outside, especially in a nice warm pickup.  It stayed chilly all day.  We’ve taken all of the usual precautions against a freeze — draining pipes, checking antifreeze, leaving water running overnight, and warming the above-ground parts of the water system.  This is done by inverting a bucket over the controls, with an old-fashioned incandescent bulb inside.  The current bucket is bright blue, which makes a rather pretty display glowing in the night.  Whatever happens, the water system is protected.

It’s supposed to be cold again tonight.  Last night, I woke up to find three dogs sharing the bed with me, only two of which were mine.  Talk about a three-dog night . . .


Posted December 27, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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