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It’s hard to believe that, a couple of days ago, the skies looked like this:


This morning, for a short while, they looked almost as good.  Now they look like this:


If you look very closely, you will see a dot on a branch mid-picture.  It’s a large hawk.  I tried to sneak up on it . . .


. . . to no avail.  They can tell, I’m sure, when you’re looking at them — or pointing a camera at them.  It must be instinct, after centuries of hunting.

I am finally able to get out and walk, as Billy is so much better.  Son Scott got his pickup cleaned up and smogged today, while son David installed a shower head with a hose so he might be able to take a real shower.

They have been so much help while he’s been down.  We are grateful.

Horseshoer Jennifer was here this morning, and got the ponies trimmed and Kitty reshod.  I hope I’ll be back out on the trail soon.  I need to be; between lack of exercise and anxiety eating, I’ve put on ten pounds in the last two months!


Posted December 22, 2014 by stablewoman in Birds, Nature

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