Other People’s Pictures   3 comments

I haven’t been out much lately, so haven’t been taking many pictures.  Other people have been, though, and sending them to me . . . and there are some good ones.

First, here’s daughter Suzanne’s picture of her first grandchild, Weston, doing what babies do best.


Then there is Marion’s shot of the hay crew — granddaughter Christina, grandson William, and dog Mimi — on their morning rounds.  I’m sure Mimi thinks she’s the most important member of the crew.  She’s certainly got the best view.


And last, here’s boarder Donna’s picture of dog Peaches doing what she does best — getting kissed by a horse.  The horse is Zena, not to be confused with other dog Xena.


Maybe Zena’s checking to see if Peaches is still alive.  Yes, she is, Zena; she’s just doing what she does best — the same thing Weston does.

We’re lucky to have so many excellent photographers around here!


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3 responses to “Other People’s Pictures

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  1. Roberta…all those pictures made me soooo happy! Merry Christmas to the whole BUNCH at 351 E. Roberts Lane! Love you all! Elizabeth

  2. And Merry Christmas back to you, Elizabeth! I hope all is well with your family. Marion

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