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We got yet more rain last night.  One station said it was .18, the other thought it was .31.  Either way, it was a pretty good rain; but this morning, it’s damp and chilly!  Not chilly compared to places that get real cold, of course, but for here, it’s nippy.

That doesn’t mean that activity around here stops, of course.  Here’s a picture I took this morning.  I was pretty chicken and just leaned out of the door, but even so, I caught a bit of action.  Here are Sarah and her friend Rebecca saddling up to go on a ride, and Jennifer the horseshoer working in the background.


You can just feel how damp and raw it is out there.  It must be nice to be young and have the energy and enthusiasm to get out there and ride.

On second thought — forget it.  I think I’ll go have a nice cozy nap.


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