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Yesterday, Xena and I hiked down to the river to see if it had any actual water in it.  It’s been a while.

There was no water in the near channel, but lots of downed trees — mostly dead ones from the burn a year ago last May.

downtree edit

When we got over to the far channel — there was water!  Unfortunately, there was also a lot of trash, at least upriver.

upriver3 edit

Downriver was not so bad.  The water was perfectly still, and has probably sunk in by now.

downriver edit

An egret and a heron had quickly found the water, and were hopefully hunting.

egretnheron edit2

As we trudged past the big island, I looked off to the west.  It looked threatening.

island edit

And it was.  We had a thunderstorm later that night that dumped a lot of rain.  It was one of those storms in which just as you think it can’t rain any harder — it does.

We’re grateful, along with most of California, for every drop.  And there’s more in the forecast.  It’s going to take a lot more to break the drought — but at least there’s a dent in it!


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