Stormageddon   Leave a comment

Or Stormzilla; I’ve heard both on the news.  At any rate, it was a big strong storm, just as predicted.

Yesterday afternoon, it was the high winds.  At one point, we heard a loud thud and looked out to see that the old dead poplar — the one in the foreground of the fog picture — had fallen.  It was more than time. It was dead even before last May’s fire, but we kept hoping it would sprout from the roots.

It shattered into a thousand pieces when it fell.

fallenpoplar2 edit

It looks as though it was pre-cut into firewood, but it was too rotten and punky to burn well.  Someone will scrape it into a pile, and it’ll be habitat for critters.

It’s been a beautiful day — in spots.  The mountains to the south were clear and blue, and low-lying clouds gleamed like snow.


Later, though, storm clouds to the west showed that Stormageddon wasn’t quite through with us.


It’s sprinkled off and on all day, just as predicted.  We got .86, and there’s supposed to be another, lesser, storm coming Friday.  And another on Monday.  The good old Pineapple express has kicked in, and is bringing us a series of drought-breaking storms.

Or not.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.  I’m going to go find some wood to knock on . . . more tomorrow.


Posted December 12, 2014 by stablewoman in Weather

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